Welcome to Software Without Sin – “the home of Anti-Corruption in Secular Computing”


ENDING GLOBAL SOFTWARE FRAUD: We are SWS, Software Without Sin, an open-access, hybrid-organization focused on training and compliance for proper Intellectual Property Licensing and anti-corruption in Software product licensing! We are in fact an INTERFAITH IP ANTI-CORRUPTION AGENCY dedicated to ending all software fraud on Earth.

 We support both Sunni and Shia Islamic Computing models, those of Christian Orthodoxy and Judaic Orthodoxy as well. We operate a global standards and anti-corruption agency focusing on Software, Computer based Commerce, and regulatory practices in all areas. Especially those needing Secular Compliance. We integrate AI and various controls to create solutions which are adaptive and provide growth potential for their adopters.

Our area of Focus is Secular Compliance Practices for any and all parties needing them. We see these as practices which should be shrink-wrapped so the devout have access to end-to-end solutions like everyone else.


FIRST PRODUCTS/SERVICES: While we have focused on secularCOMPUTING, our first deliverables are a set of SHARIAH-COMPLIANCE works. Additionally we are developing specific standards and operating templates for related areas (SecularCOINS, SecularCLOUDS etc).

Our belief and analysis leads us to believe that while legal frameworks which are run by corrupt politicians can and will create loopholes – SECULAR COMPLIANT AUDITING PRACTICES WILL END THIS CORRUPTION.

WHY IS KEY IN TODAY’S EXPANDING WORLD?  Because today people turn-on regulated systems inside all secular regulated computing worlds without understanding the act itself. As one key example, today in Islamic Commerce practitioners are using flawed Western-Audit Practices which ignore the computing and operating environment.

For more information on our programs and membership, contact us at SWS  or email us at SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail.COM!

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