PRESS RELEASE: Sharia and Sin 23: Theft of IP inside Open Source Software


SoftwareWithoutSin has discovered key Software containing GreaterSin26 frauds causes a GreaterSin 23 violation each time that program is run.


Sharia provides for a set of Greater Sins and the first of those of particular focus are the licensing sins. They start with Sin 23, Stealing and are forbidden.

To quote Al-Islam.ORG

“The twenty-third sin which is certainly a Greater one is stealing or thievery. Imam Riďa (a.s.) has included stealing among the Greater sins according to the tradition reported by Fazl Ibn Shazān. Amash says that Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) has related from the Holy Prophet (S) that he said,

“A believer cannot commit fornication and a believer cannot steal.”

In the software world Open Source software has been used in a number of instances we believe, to hide patent protected methods in an effort to create such wide infringements that they are unprosecutable in national courts of the West and the EU today.

These frauds however have caused the faithful to be exposed to them whenever they use those softwares which contain that stolen IP.

As to how: The actual infringement is the running of the programs which contain the stolen IP, which is in end-user or company data center operations done by the local operations of those computing resources. Using the computers containing infringing software systems, causes those users to become infringer’s and parties to the crime.

Intellectual Property is the new Gold. It is traded, sold, saved, and viewed. IP is a new currency on earth so the unlawful use of IP creates a Greater Sin in the form of IP Theft.

For more information, contact us at SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail.COM!

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2 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: Sharia and Sin 23: Theft of IP inside Open Source Software

    1. We agree that the THEFT of PROPERTY as it used to exist when Quran was written only pertained to non-digital assets. But a COMPUTER is a new form of WORKHORSE, and the PROGRAM is the FIELD-HAND to manage the work of the Horse. So YOU AS THE OWNER – control both. The HORSE is your WORKER, and the FIELD HAND, the SOFTWARE is the WORKER AGENT you have MANAGING THE WORK THE HORSE PERFORMS. That said the reality is while Greater Sin 23 is really toxic, Greater Sin 26 where you use stolen IP or stolen Software is much worse in reality. It – that THEFT THROUGH YOUR REFUSAL TO PROPERLY COMPENSATE THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS ‘constitutes a formal breach of Greater Sin 26’s controls’ and makes the party Sinning, to those reported penalties. In addition it makes their commerce tainted as well as forcing their repatriation to hell.

      Again, it is what it is. But while I agree in the past the older instances of Theft were all covered under Greater Sin 23, this is a new world and IP Theft is rampant today. Greater Sin 26 really is the hammer and we believe it to be the way to force proper controls in all software users as the ultimate party to any frauds which occur through the illegal use of those stolen properties.

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