PRESS RELEASE: Shariah and Sin 26 – Use of IP not licensed under “Non-fulfillment of another’s rights” Greater Sin!


SoftwareWithoutSin announces new Islamic Computing Systems Standards specific to Greater Sin 26 for Islamic Finance. These standards pertain to the Software being executed, its Governance and Licensing.

As to why, GreaterSin 26 has become the lightning-rod for software licensing inside the Muslim Community as a whole. The damage to the Immortal Souls of those users is instantaneous, and must be properly remediated for those trapped by this fraud.

Read on for our solution and methods of addressing this new emerging threat to end-users and their integrity.


Shariah provides for a set of Greater Sins and the first of those of particular focus are the licensing sins. After Greater Sin 23 there is the Sin of Non-Fulfillment of another’s rights. This is Greater Sin 26

Again to quote

Non-fulfillment of another’s right, without a valid excuse is the twenty-sixth greater sin. If a person who has some right upon someone and demands his right but the one on whom the obligation rests does not fulfill the right, even though he is capable of it, then this person has committed a greater sin. Non-fulfillment of rights as a greater sin is according to Nass (Holy Qur’an and hadith). The frequently quoted tradition of Amash from Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) and the hadith of Imam Riďa (a.s.) as narrated by Fazl ibn Shazān also include it in he list of greater sins.

Hazrat Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) says:

“One who does not fulfill the rights of a believer (and does not repay what he owes to him), on the Day of Judgement, Allah will make him stand for five hundred years and blood or sweat will ooze through his body. An announcer from Allah will announce, ‘This is the oppressor who had not fulfilled the right of Allah.’ Then after being admonished for another forty days it will be ordered for him to be thrown into the fire (those who admonish him will be either believers or prophets).

Intellectual Property is the new Gold. It is traded, sold, saved, and viewed. IP is a new currency on earth so the unlawful use of IP creates a Greater Sin in the form of IP Theft.

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