SoftwareWithoutSin is concerned that most of the software sold in the World today contains components which were illegally hidden inside it for a number of reasons.

The effects of this fraud are broad and sweeping for those of faith. It brings Greater Sin 26 into play for the use of that software.

It is to alert all to this damage, this Press Release is made.


As salamu aleiykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, and please forgive this very blunt question, but let us ask –

“If you were forced for years to use computers which are operating on software containing STOLEN IP, where is your soul going?”

The issue is this actually did happen. There is stolen IP inside most operating systems today in the Location Based Services area derived from US6370629 outside the very limited uses any party may make of it. The same is true of US6393126 protected methods as well.

This created a situation where the computer software running inside your systems – your digital slaves – was stolen. The impact of that statement and how it affects your life is something you are the best judge of.

This Fraud already happened – how do we fix its damage?

If it matters to you, and it does for many, we found we can provide a mechanism to collect and obtain a release from those parties directly damaged. This is then passed on to those affected through their participation in that program to address the use of Tarnished Software in all instances, both those constrained by Religious Law and those just needing that higher-level of transparency.

Today this fraud has ALREADY bound the souls of many of those across time itself through Greater Sin 26 instances.

SoftwareWithoutSin and its LOA Program stands as a Pan-Islamic and related “power-source”. One for binding, and releasing souls improperly constrained by frauds perpetrated by various software vendors in selling stolen-software IP to the masses.

How widespread?

The average commercial software package contains a number of open-source components. Most all of them contain one or more components which have improper licensing, others are potentially ‘stolen’ property, others are actually stolen – or illegally obtained IP, finally there is just IP which is improperly licensed. In all instances these create a problem for the Immortal Souls of certain classes of users.

The Letters of Absolution Program

To meet the needs of the community, we have created our Letters of Absolution (the LOA) effort as part of our TARNISHED SOFTWARE program. The LOA program provides a response from the community and provides a method and facility to integrate a Pan-Islamic response in embracing SoftwareWithoutSin and its purpose.

For more information send a note to SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail.COM and we will respond as soon as possible.

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