SoftwareWithoutSin announces a formal complaint to Governor Jerry Brown “about Greater Sin 26 fraud issues in all Software” today.

Further, to facilitate this fraud, that California protects US Corporations Illegal Actions both in US and overseas “pertaining to that covert-fraud and the damage it does to Islam and other Religions”.


Here is the latest notice to the State of California on the effects of its granting judicial immunity to the parties involved in the US6370629 frauds.

This then is the Jerry Brown “Letter to JB” on the 1/2 Billion Muslim Souls probably already at risk from this fraud.

It was formally served to him electronically today through Robert Morgester SAAG of the State of California AG’s office, for White Collar Crime.
For more information on this effort, or the various court actions to properly enforce the rulings from USDC 14-CV-03629/WHA as they pertain to the STATE OF CALIFORNIA AND ITS CORPORATION OPERATING UNDER ITS AUTHORITY, contact us at SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail..COM!

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