PRESS RELEASE: AI AND SHARIAH – how do you reconcile AI and its need to be compliant with Sharia to be used in Islamic Computing?


SoftwareWithoutSin announces AI-Sharia Compliance practice for Islamic Computing Systems Standards and Islamic Finance


Interesting Question – How should AI be constrained by Shariah constructs and their precepts.

Remembering these Computing Systems never existed before and there today is not an ISLAMIC COMPUTING analog of ISLAMIC FINANCE (‫إسلامية‬ ‫مصرفية‬), these are yet to be accomplished. Whether Sunni or Shia – all of Islamic Computing is tied to the ethicacy of Software Licensing. These key issues of where the code came from, who owns it, and what right the end-user has to execute it, are the key issues we resolve.

So how would you apply Shariah’s controls in an Islamic Financial operation to AI?

How would you write that Fatwa to properly control that AI and make it only operate under the Will of Allah? The Fatwa would have to take into account that the AI process, its alg’s and the OS runtime environment constrained that same computing process to a set of methods and operating constructs which were both compliant to Sharias requirements, and also would meet the ethical and political public processes of the Governments and those of the Mufti who authorized them. This is simple Governance 101 as applied to Islamic Computing in a financial services model.

Seriously – this is something no one has really invested conversation in, but if all ISLAMIC FINANCE is controlled by Shariah and the Fatwa which constrain its operations, those must take into account a whole new set of controls and practices specific to AI.

Your thoughts? How would you craft your Fatwa as a Mufti to address those emerging Sharia controls all AI would require? Write us at SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail.COM for more information.

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