Why SWS?

The time is now. Software today is “a workhorse and plow”.

Software Fraud and the theft of IP  is a problem which unites all Secular Users and is particularly toxic inside Islam. Because of this effect inside Islam like other Secular use environments these liabilities create a set of newly emerged requirements for computers operated inside Secular and related regulated environments.

In the case of Islam itself, addressing these frauds creates a Pan-Islamic enablement of unprecedented power.

Our goal, then it to provide a solution to the requirement(s) to address the very same problem across all differing sects of the faith.

We believe that for Islam, the very Addressing Software Fraud is one method of achieving King Faisal’s vision of unified Islam and so SWS is a vehicle for accomplishing that noble goal. That this is so powerful in ending Global Software Fraud that it must happen…

As to the motivating factor, computers are the new worker-units in out culture for many companies. In Islam for instance like everywhere else Computers do the very work that Sharia Financial and Computing Controls put in place by Halal mandates comprise control for. This an important concept in stepping from a shovel and trowel to computers and global real-time e-commmece.

From that vision, Software – programs are “a field-plow for your work-horse computer” to pull. Each computer program when executed is analogous to a plow being pulled through your field to “do work for you”. To create the Furrows and till the Soil of your Digital Work.

This means “the running” (executing) “of programs which contain stolen property constitutes a set of sins”.

Using Stolen Software for Islamic Computing brings the Shaitan into each digital record!

They (those computers) are your servant, your virtual arms and legs so to speak to accomplish that work. SWS understands the Compromised Workhorse/Mule Theory and has methods for addressing these embedded sins in all software today.

The SWS Organization

As an Organization, SWS is a group of professionals with one focus, to create and operate the Software Without Sin organization to better inform people as to the legal consequences and spiritual impact of their actions in their use of computers, cellphones and other smart appliances.

Feel free to reach out and contact us on our programs and certification processes. (SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail.COM).