Who are we?

We are SWS, also known as Software Without Sin – a global standards and anti-corruption agency focusing on Software, Computer based Commerce, and regulatory practices in all areas. Especially those needing Secular Compliance. As to how we emerged, this matter was borne from the US6370629 and US6393126 Patent Frauds which today contaminate all software in every system commercially available. So this organization is rooted in addressing corruption, counterfeiting, and fraud by the biggest of all players, the Tech Sector software publishing houses.

As to why SoftwareWithoutSin, and its focus on cleaning up IP fraud by providing solutions for the Religious Compliance Sector, mechanically speaking the most complex and rigorous control models are those of Secular Compliance. If you can achieve off-the-shelf compliance in those complex operating environments, then applications which run under Secular Ordainment or Authorization are properly enabled.

To accomplish that we operate both an Open-Source standards platform as an NGO in developing full SOUP-TO-NUTS secular-computing models. These include everything necessary to turn-key the supported applications in any Secular Regulated Operating Environment.

We extend basic operating environments and include AI-use constructs, and “religious tying of controls to law and theology” as a technology-offering.

We also provide professional consulting as well as our certification bureau programs.

These technologies which we also operate ourselves in our Programs provide  for public certification of software for religious and other regulated users users.

SecularCOMPUTING: We operate an association of members who use and rely on our Secular Computing and in particular our SecularCOMPUTING:  IslamicCOMPUTING Templates for Secular and  IslamiCLOUD and related standards  for Islamic and Muslim computing requirements and for Christian orthodox applications through our VatiCLOUDS  and EvengeliCOMP template program.

SecularCOINS: Additionally we provide a set Secular eCoin for operating those services inside Secular-controlled business operations. Our service even provides practices for integrating Prayer into the Coin Process, and provide a full set of certification templates for those activities as well as our other services.

No Usury: Financially we support ourselves through several channels including our operating bond program and sales of templates for riba-free systems.

“For those constrained by the Mechanic’s of a Shariah Computing mandate we provide a cross community (Pan-Islamic) compliance model which provides services to all . These resources provide the basis of full practice Compliance instead of just those pertaining to the actual transactions. SWS provides a model for those relying on Sharia based business controls to assure that transparency externally and operates using both mudarabah and musharakah based service. This provides a unique set of values to the community at large in advancing the ability to Audit Shariah Compliant and other Secular Constrained Systems as a mainstream auditing service”. In our Compliance-Services arm we build and provide IslamiCLOUD service models and IslamicComputing Audit and Operations templates.

SWS programs and solutions provide religious compliance requirements for meeting Halal compliance under Sharia, and those of other faiths (Hasidim and Evangelical Christian). By focusing on the Transparency Faith Attestation Models mandate as the ‘worst-case’ compliance scenario SWS services meet the requirements of all faiths mandates.

Our vision – Unite the World through Anti-Corruption Practices

Pan-Islamic unification at the technology level is the hammer for binding all of Islam back together again and is possibly the catalyst per se necessary in binding all of Islam again together. All of Islam is tied to Shariah Compliance. Facilitating an Audit Platform for Sharia compliance in particular with regard to software fraud is that tool and the thread which re-unites all.

While a silicon valley enterprise originally, we are loosely based on designs created in Islamic Finance by Mohammad Najatuallah Siddiqui (محمّد نجات الله صدیقی) and others. The power of detoxifying these and packaging them as templates (for IslamiCLOUD and IslamicComputing) provides a platform for conveying the message about Shariah Compliance and dispelling the western-world’s myths around it as the first step in that.

Our business and process is to both provide an avenue to the faithful of all sects to leap over software fraud issues which plague modern banking systems and to provide a gateway for non-Islamic partners in Sharia based operations for all.

“It is our Joyous Mission to bring a new understanding of computers, their programs, and licensing, and how that all fits together into doctrine-based faith and its requirements across all religions. In this we have created a Pan-Islamic service operation which addresses all faiths requirements in full for using computers, software, and the work product they create.

What services do we provide?

We provide a range of services and have obtained releases in regard to certain previously stolen IP suites for declarations of absolution as well for those parties needing them. These include the IslamiCLOUD and IslamicComputing Operations Templates and services as well as others related to Sharia and other Religious Compliance mandates.

Many of these based on a thing we call the Compromised Workhorse/Mule Theorem. SoftwareWithotSin as a commercial venture is generally structured as an Musharakah and is operated as a joint enterprise in which all the partners share the profit or loss of the joint venture.

Certain Programs are operated as independent businesses (Generally mudarabah) to properly place an umbrella around their facilities to meet the ethical transparency Sharia demands in western banking.

Our Education on pure-software concepts and practices

SWS provides a full set of informational and educational materials on software compliance for religions compliance (Shariah, and Kosher/Evangelical etc) compliance.

Our Software Component Certification and Software Licensing/Release verification for Open Source and other software components

SWS provides a Component and Open Source release program licensing service and template kit for software publishers. This kit provides a approved release and licensing declaration and statement of release and absolution to users as required by a fully compliant Religious-Use Software Licensing model or service.

Our Software Portal for Islamic and other users

SWS provides a Service Listing and Software Reseller Depot where SWS Certified Vendors all take sales referrals; Sales of regulated software products through SWS operations are certified pure under declaration of absolution against any and all uses.

And finally our End-user Absolution Releases  (LOA) against various IP’s

SWS provides a half-release absolution declaration service for third parties constrained from use of a number of patents it has partial or full release capability for their infringements. This specialty service is structured as an musharakah and provides a process and method of shared benefits from all of the participants in the LOA program itself.