Letters of Absolution program (LOA)

WHY WOULD ANYONE NEED ABSOLUTION FOR USING A COMPUTER? Vendors today are unscrupulous and the problems their ethical breaches cause for their customers are just being understood in Islamic and other Religious Financial Systems.

More and more software contains components fraudulently obtained, and today many businesses cannot operate without that software. The only solution is to design a program of PROFESSIONAL FORGIVENESS.

Today more and more commercial software from all vendors contains fraudulently obtained IP or improperly licensed IP. In the world of the faithful that creates a serious problem by unleashing the penalties for Greater Sin 26 against those using those stolen IP’s – whether intentional or not.

SoftwareWithoutSin focuses on IP from matters where Tarnished Software has gotten into production and is in commercial use in those operations where this is of importance, either to the Operating Entity or its Customer Base and Auditing Teams.

Our – Wakalah

For certain IP matters, SWS has obtained the ability to write letters of absolution for certain IP frauds or licensing irregularities which impact Islamic Finance.

Letters of Absolution (from our Wakalah providing legal authority to convey such) fully “absolve and forgive an end-user or their entity from those actions they were either forced into, or were involved with without their consent and/or knowledge”.

Letters of Absolution are key for instance in meeting Greater Sin #26 response mechanisms for having used, sold, or relied on stolen or counterfeit software in any form. The same is true of Greater Sin #20 violations in the same context.


Letters of Absolution are simple and provide a one-stop solution to the bad acts performed against the faithful or those which the faithful are made unwitting co-conspirators. LOA compensation is done through Hibah and conforms to the highest levels of transparency as demanded in all Islamic Banking operations.

More information

If you have need of absolution letters for your open source wares (check out list of products, patents and other related alerts for them), please feel free to contact us at SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail.COM.

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