Secular Compliance in Computing

Secular Compliance in computational systems is a newly emerged area of focus. SWS provides an end-to-end solution-set for all Secular Compliance requirements. Since this is all tied to Intellectual Property Fraud abatement and proper Run-Time Controls on IP and Process affinity, SoftwareWithoutSin is actually an IP Fraud Abatement Center, one which happens to provide key models for Secular Computing.

One of the more powerful benefits in being a partner and member of SoftwarewithoutSin is the use of our pre-certified template program offering.

Secular Compliance for all, not just IslamicComputing

We are in the process of building a set of commercial definitions and operational templates for full Sharia Based Computing Compliance. This fully I

While for those in Islam the purpose of these is to provide Mufti a ‘technology-certified’ Sharia based operating platform for all of their efforts there are other values as well to those outside Islam. Secular Christendom is equally served by these same controls as is Hasidim, Buddhist and many other faiths transparency requirements are met fully here.

To facilitate that we are defining what we call IslamicComputing: a system of Islamic tilted computing practice models which isolate and properly compartmentalize processing both in direct and VM models. Additionally a CaaS (Container As A Service) type compliance practice model is available. See the Blog-Post on the concepts of Sharia Compliance as they apply to computers “as the new slaves” in Islamic Computing operations.

Secular models for Christendom, Hasidim and other faiths will follow.

SecularCLOUD Standards: IslamiCLOUD/VatiCloud

Finally, IslamiCLOUD is a open-source VM System based on COTS components for implementing this IslamicComputing based service model. IslamiCLOUD implements a Sharia compliant VM framework including the virtualizer infrastructure.

Proper process isolation for pure and infidel-processes are provided and a full set of computing models implementing Sharia compliant practices are available as well as a set of Fatwa templates for Mufti using IslamiCLOUD as the basis of their financial systems operations.

The VatiCLOUD service model for Evangelical and other Christian Commerce Models is derived from IsamiCLOUD’s controls and practices. Its mechanical compliance provides an interoperability venue between secular Islamic and Christian Computing Models as such.

SecularECoin Standards: IslamiCOINS/VatiCOINS

The Secular Coins Certification Program (IslamiCOINS and VatiCOINS) are a set of Secular Compliant process models compliant with Islamic and Christian regulatory frameworks.

The IslamicCOINS for example are a fully certified practice for riba-free digital currency which is either industry, exchange, or local-warranty backed with fixed riba-free valuation. Usury in eCurrency is rampant. IslamiCOINS program allows for the ICO for a Islamic Financial eCoin either over BlockChain, Ripple Based or SWIFT transfer based (our own invention) coin services.

VatiCOINS offer the same technical magic for protecting and ensuring proper transparency in the use of eCoins in Regulated Environments of all Christian Faiths. Struck from our controls for IslamiCOINS they provide an amazing and fully compliant method of secular fiat-less currencies which Churches or their Operating Associations may sponsor directly.

For more information on them and their usage, contact us at  Info@SoftwareWithoutSin.COM  for more information!