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SWS is beyond Political Correctness. SWS is about truth and trust. Political Correctness is about Marketing.

SWS is very unusual because it is speaking openly about things generally considered taboo in Muslim culture. We are openly looking at how faith and Sharia for instance impacts computers and their programs. How those programs are our new servants and how all are constrained in their use of these digital-slaves today.

We are looking at something very unusual as well – that being what happens under law and process to an immortal soul if it is forced or caused to use ‘stolen softwares’ something which is rampant in the commercial software world today.

welcomes new memberships from the faithful or those Release Technologies Organizations in Software Publishing Houses so they may properly notice SWS on their fully documented origin-of-technology used in their commercial products.


We provide a mudarabah based investment arrangement with our partners for funding both operations and its business efforts and our philanthropic efforts in education and spiritual regulatory framework audits.

For more information email us at SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail.COM or at our administrative umbrella for our SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail.COM. Or to become a Sponsor email us at SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail.COM for more information on formal membership in SoftwareWithoutSin and what it provides to its members.