Respectfully asking the tough questions about software licensing and religious law

RESPECTFULLY ASKING TOUGH QUESTIONS: SoftwareWithoutSin is trying respectfully to ask some very tough questions and deriving those answers necessary to “meet the true best inter-faith requirements of software licensing”. Software Fraud and Counterfeiting is rife in the world today. As just one of many examples US6370629 and US6393126 patents and their hundreds of derivative patents have very special use terms. Terms which no Tech-Sector vendor complies with today, making all of their products using that IP criminal antitrust matters today. The impact of being forced to use tainted-softwares is key in religious compliance practices. Hence, our focus therein.

The implications of the statement of our goal speaks for itself here.

  • USING PROPERTY BELONGING TO ANOTHER: Islam, Christianity, Judaic faith all have key rules and practices for using ‘PROPERTY BELONGING TO ANOTHER’ as software will be in most all instances. We work openly with all religions needing a more comprehensive software control practice than what is usually done in the US and other Nations today.  Whether Evangelical Christian, Shia Islam or Sunni Islam, or Judiac, all faiths recoil at using stolen property.
  • CREATING CRITICAL MASS: Religious Law composes the toughest set of auditing criteria to put in place today.  By actively embracing these requirements common and powerful open-access control models can be established.
  • VESSEL OF CHANGE: SoftwareWithoutSin is that platform and vessel of change.
    • While it asks unpleasant questions of the world of Faith, it is important these questions are properly asked and answered to protect the immortal souls of all concerned.

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