Our Services

NGO (Secular Compliance and Audit Standards) and Commercial Services

SWS Services are split across NGO and commercial ones. This structure for the organization is to allow for initial funding and the development of a revenue stream to support the NGO and global anti-corruption programs we plan and will participate in with global law enforcement.

Whether Sunni or Shia, all Islam requires the same concept of Haraam in Computing. The same is true of all Evangelical Christian and Hasidim computing. The reality is Secular Computing requires something more than the West has delivered today.


In using our products, they enable a turn-key secular-compliance practice to be erected in hours. As just one of many Secular Deployment Models for computer processing today, the average Mufti spends several weeks drafting a Fatwa analyzing all operations of an Islamic Financial System.

As just one of many Secular Computing Dilemma’s – Islamic Finance in a Cloud runs into other Jobs. If they are haram…

The problem is they are scholars of Quran and process, and not computer operations nor should then need to be to properly write a Fatwa… except that they  – their commerce – is not alone in that computer. There are many jobs there. Some of those Jobs may have been placed there by evil or unauthorized actors. Possibly even the Devil him/her/itself. That said, in a world where compliance with the laws of faith is tested by computers, our services are key we believe.

As its first Secular Computing Standard SWS’s Open-Shariah is a total solution for Shariah Compliant commerce. As the emerging provider of Open-Access Secular-Computing models our Goals in our Shariah Compliance works are to provide Mufti and Imam with a technical basis for their works using Computers which must meet the rigorous controls imposed by Shariah and other religious constructs.

SWS provides a full spectrum of education and enforcement roles, as well as standing as an Absolution Gateway for parties needing to obtain letters of absolution regarding certain IP suites SWS has that standing for.

  • SWS NGO: Building the Open-Shariah Compliance Models, the Open-Evengelical, and Open-Hasidim Open Computing Models.
    • Secular Review of Computing Operations
    • ComputingAffinity (which jobs can be run in the same computer, or during the same run-time session?)
    • TransactionalAuditing for Secular Compliance
      • Audit Templates
      • Machine and System Guidelines, and Best Current Practices statements for Auditors uses.
      • Interfaith Auditing Models and Inter-operation Models
      • Buy-In from all key Religions administrative frameworks as a statement from G*d against Corruption!
  • SWS Commercial Operations: Auditing Practice Programs
    • AUDITING: SWS provides its IslamiCLOUD and IslamicCOMPUTING operating models for Mufti using them as the basis of their Fatwa service statements. SWS provides full System Operations Templates, intermingling, commingling, and joint-execution control constructs for shared computing environs (Cloud, CAAS etc).
      • These provide Shariah Auditors reviewing both Computing Service Environment, Computing Infrastructure, and those Softwares which implement the Practices the Mufti’s Fatwa provided for.
      • SWS provides Auditing programs for Software Licensing Compliance (operated under Mudaraba type model) Education and Open Source Licensing models
      • SWS also provides certain program services under Musharaka type financial business standards for other projects run as individual umbrella’s of commerce including our Absolution Letters – The TARNISHED SOFTWARE’S PROGRAM  as part of our SWS Anti-corruption Programs and Auditing Practice Programs
  • SWSLaw Enforcement Support:
      • As more and more instances of ‘tarnished’ software and IP is amassed our goal will be to provide Letters of Absolution for any and all users therein as part of this service.
      • Interfaces for reporting discovered COUNTERFEIT SOFTWARES for seizure and LE interdiction. SWS will provide Law Enforcement with full access to its analysis and ongoing control data for all registered and all discovered software sale instances.
  • SWS Philanthropy: also provides a channel for Philanthropic efforts in Education and On-line IP Rights areas;

For more information write us securely at SoftwareWithoutSin@ProtonMail.COM!