Tarnished Software Program

Welcome to the TSP – Tarnished Software Program the home for Absolution Service requirement verification.


The Tarnished Software Program (TSP) is the arm of SoftwareWithoutSin which provides analysis and processes demands and agreements for TSP Absolution Letter releases from listed IP owners and their managing stakeholders.

The TSP is based on a program and methods set for identifying and isolating Tarnished Softwares so that they may be fully disclosed to the Faithful as to the specific block or area of code they contain illegally, and as such expose the party executing that software to being liable under the various faith’s programs for absolving their faithful of sin.

Its work product is available as reports from the Software Referral Gateway system here at SoftwareWithoutSin.

What is Tarnished Software

Tarnished Software is any improperly licensed software of digital content you run as a program, play as a performance experience (a movie for instance) or listen to as a concert of record album. These ‘digital performances’ are controlled under software licensing which is equivalent to the contracts and relationship between the artists and the producer of the show. This all ties together with the compromised Workhorse/Mule Theorem.

In the case of software the artists are programmers. The context however for running an unlicensed software program or viewing an unlicensed presentation is the same. Both constitute the execution of protected software in some form to create either a work product in the form of some data processing work, or return a file of 1’s and 0’s to last nights episode of the Nightly News.

Tarnished Software is something which then is any and all unlicensed software which is sold into, used by, or facilitates commerce for the benefit or use of the Faithful or their commerce partners and the use of Tarnished Software exposes the faithful to all sorts of things – Greater Sins 2123, 24, 25, and finally Greater Sin 26 itself.

Staying up to date and registering

For more information on TSP listings, our open knowledge-base of Tarnished Softwares, including the related Patents and other matters of import, send us an access request to the ever growing TSP program and its roster of tarnished software’s or Intellectual Properties at (TSPaccess@SoftwareWithoutSin.COM).