The Compromised Workhorse/Mule Theorem

The Compromised Workhorse/Mule Theorem

If a Workhorse was stolen, or the racing gear it uses, its horseshoes, and other key aspects of its commerce, also stolen or impacted by frauds, then the horse or mule itself is compromised.

Your computers form a WORK-ENABLEMENT RESOURCE. They are workhorses waiting to be directed in their ability to provide work and a work product. Digital in this case, but a work product nonetheless.

If there is stolen code or IP inside the software the work-horse is running, the WORK PRODUCT IS COUNTERFEIT, OR RATHER PERFORMED BY COUNTERFEIT SOFTWARE. This is very simple, and straightforward. The faithful are required to use only tools and work-sources which do not expose them to sin.

In the case of the computer since the faithful themselves are operating them, they become parties to sin inside the code which is executed in those Work-Horse computer systems. Hence the Compromised Workhorse/Mule Theorem.

Our response is to create the TARNISHED SOFTWARE PROGRAM to address already in place softwares used by the faithful which contains these key controlled Intellectual Properties which violate Shia’s Greater Sin 20, 23, 24, 25, and 26 as well as the doctrine set up in Suffi Islam by Shafi I and Habali Jurists. These same precepts flow through most all other religious cannons from all faiths.