The Problem – Fraud vs Secular Computing

Evil inside Computers is everywhere today. Arguing the point or how or why it is there is pointless.

All secular orgs today rely on Computers to operate their orders, associations and congregation of the faithful. These computers all run programs which are a form of WORK-PRODUCT. It produces work when those computer programs are run.

CONCEPTUALLY SPEAKING “The computer is like a work-horse then” and the program the process or work, the work-horse is going to do. This is an important concept because Computers which are used by the Faithful become both physical, and faith based extensions of themselves.

The work those computers do for those individuals is just identical to the work they would get from and employee. Theft of that work-horse is forbidden in scripture and ethical law. It further it conflicted and cannot be used if there are ‘undisclosed matters’ which taint its title or provenance.

While this may initially sound silly, our world is changing. Computers and their programs do real work which used to be done by people. The product of that work is controlled by a number or legal standards and faith laws.


If there is stolen code or IP inside the software the work-horse is running, the WORK PRODUCT IS COUNTERFEIT, OR RATHER PERFORMED BY COUNTERFEIT SOFTWARE. This is very simple, and straightforward. The faithful are required to use only tools and work-sources which do not expose them to sin. In the case of the computer since the faithful themselves are operating them, they become parties to sin inside the code which is executed in those Work-Horse computer systems.

See also [QURAN] [BIBLE] for more detailed commentary on the impact of using sinful-software.

What exactly is the problem? – Software carrying hidden sin.

Sin from software? how is that possible? – Simple – 1)) IF THE SOFTWARE DOES SOMETHING BLASPHEMOUS OR IN VIOLATION OF RELIGIOUS LAW, then its a crime. 2) Further, if the software is or contains stolen IP, then executing those programs then is a sin as counterfeited work from those softwares execution. Both of these matters must be properly managed for all Secular Computing Applications, and as part of both the Design and Audit practice;

The world today has a wealth of  software, providing all types of services. Much of it stolen. Open Source code is some of the worst, but many commercial vendors have illegally used patent and copyright protected code in their designs and systems. This code itself is not a problem until it executes, where it turns the party running the program functionally into the Sinner.


So from a secular standpoint you can see that all fraud is considered evil and a sin no matter which faith you practice.