Software fraud is rampant today…


The frauds range from COUNTERFEITING through direct reproduction-thefts, and in the form of Intellectual Property Thefts as well which create a form of Counterfeit software which is properly hidden inside the license the vendor claims is real.

Since we are focusing on Halal compliance in Computing and the Software Governance, the Provenance of the Software itself is very important. To that end we are running our Tainted Softwares Program to address those liabilities in the Secular areas. First focus on Shariah related matters, but Evangelical and Hasidim/related control practices will also be met. This is to create Cross-Secular Operating Practices for any and all Regulated parties.

Our work in managing that governance then focuses on Improperly licensed softwares being operated inside the IslamicComputing Framework and in systems which interface with certified IslamicCommerce infrastructures.

This has become especially important because of larger amounts of Greater Sin 26 impacted fraud-ware being mixed with Open-Source packages which are then used without review of those effects in the Islamic Computing Community as well as other Religiously Constrained computing framework.  To do this SWS is RESPECTFULLY ASKING THE TOUGH QUESTIONS.

“The days where it was OK to be politically correct about fraud and software which carries fraud with it are over. Especially, inside the communities bound by theological law”. This is because of how “those frauds ‘put the immortal souls of the users and beneficiaries of those frauds at risk’ “. Fraud inside SOFTWARE PUBLISHING runs rampant today, and this impacts the immortal souls of all who are forced to use that software.

It is time to respectfully talk about these things in a manner which allows us to fix those which are broken and properly relate those which are not to existing and preferred practice.